There’s an app for that!

You’ve all seen that commercial, right?

At a time when mobile design is considered more important than desktop appearance (which we will be talking about more later), religious organizations once again have an opportunity to embrace new technology.

You know that kid that sits in the back pew and never pays attention?  Maybe he has the right idea.  (Please, withhold your shock and outrage—I’m going to make an excellent point.)

Smart phones and mobile applications can be a great way to make a sermon more interactive, as well as an easy way to keep Christians/Muslims/Jews/Hindus/Buddhists engaged throughout the rest of the week.

The fact that anyone can create a digital application means that nearly every special interest, hobby and daily chore has inspired an app!  With the use of a smart phone, you can access daily Torah studies or Tibetan Buddhist Radio.  There’s even an app for Muslims to locate restaurants near then the serve approved Halal foods.

In July 2013, nearly 100 million people downloaded Bobby Gruenewald’s Bible app by Youversion.  The app provides users with daily Bible verses, holiday reminders and even talks to you.  The creators were surprised by the success of the app, and today is remains a popular free download.

Looky Lamb is a children’s app that provides games, puzzles and short Bible lessons for children.  PrayerMate is an application that allows you to share prayer requests with friends or strangers, allowing people to expand their network of religious acquaintances as well as having a larger community praying for the things that are important to them.

Pic Christian, which is similar to Pic Stitch, allows users to create Christian images, messages, collages and more to send to friends and family or post to social media.  The Sanctuary app allows you to enter a virtual sanctuary.  It is designed to allow you to experience all the amenities of church in your own home.  Users can “sit in a pew,” hear scripture and even light a virtual candle for a friend.

There are apps that allow you to download holy emojies and play Bible/Torah/Quran trivia games.  There is even an app called Jesus With Me, which allows users to add images of Jesus himself to their own pictures.  A little creepy if you ask me, but it just goes to show that there really is an app for everything.


2 thoughts on “There’s an app for that!

  1. aaaaaargh

    More link issues. Why isn’t every one of these apps linked? On a somewhat more nitpicky point, linking to “christianiphoneapps” in a passage about keeping “Christians/Muslims/Jews/Hindus/Buddhists” engaged might be a little tone deaf.

  2. samanthacart Post author

    I added the appropriate links to each app. I want to focus in future posts on being more religiously inclusive (and I removed that link), but I am finding it difficult to find information about a wide array of religions. I am working on it!


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